Happy Thanksgiving Children’s Ideas!!!




    I was thinking how to get my grandchildren involved with what Thanksgiving is really about…not shopping or Black Friday.. When I grew up Thanksgiving was all about Family, Friends and showing the community that I was thankful to be a part of all. So, I looked online — googled it — “Ideas on DYI projects for November with kids”, here’s what I found and am sharing with you.

    Family Helping Hands Wreath

    Items needed: a large paper plate colored construction paper and glue. Items needed for the fabric wreath you will need a Styrofoam wreath from the craft store, piece of fabric, construction paper and thumb tacks.
    Take a large paper plate and cut out the center. Take different color construction paper and trace both hands of everyone in the family or trace out different shape leaves, and cut them out. Write on the hands who they belong to and/or why the child is thankful for that person. Glue the
    hands on it the paper plate and use the extra hands and
    create a turkey or if doing the fabric wreath tack on the leaves.

    Family Tree of Thanks…
    Items needed: colored construction paper and large paper for the background (you can use poster paper for or easel paper) and glue.
    Create a Family tree of thanks – let the child use their imagination on what the tree should look like and what they are thankful for! Hang up in the dining/kitchen area of the home! The children can make one for the grandparents as well, what a wonderful surprise!

    Fun With Food…
    Make cupcakes, cookies, candies and create finger desserts to share with family and friends…let the child(ren) serve them, idea to add let everyone say why they are thankful to be part of the festivities while the child(ren) serve the dessert.





    There are other ideas and so many more you can find and do with children of all ages. So have fun and enjoy decorating your home for November! Bringing to surface why we are thankful and celebrate the real meaning of Thanksgiving!


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