School Is Back In Session

    From August thru June across the USA our children are back in school. Many parents are relieved that they will have a break from hearing “I’m bored”, “Can we do something” to “How come we have to go somewhere, can’t we stay home and swim” or “I am playing on my computer”.

    Although I am a parent whose children are all grown and married with families of their own…I remember and think back fondly of the memories, and like them now… wish we had a few more of those days!

    With that being said, OUR CHILDREN are the FUTURE, from the preschoolers to the seniors in high school, they do not ever think about the moving vehicles. They just do not seem to fear moving vehicles, whether walking home or riding the buses. So it is our responsibility to think and watch out for them.

    I can not tell you how often I see other drivers go around or pass stopped school busses with their lights flashing…  it is dangerous for all involved. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND BE EXTRA CAREFUL especially now.

    Take a look at the safety tips below. Curtesy of , I found online and thought it was worth while sharing and reminding us all of the fact SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION.


    A big thank you to for the safety tips.

    It’s that time of year again when children head back to school.  School buses, safety monitors,   crosswalks and school-aged children crossing the road present additional potential hazards for motorists.  In order to give greater driver awareness, the following information will provide you with some tips and suggestions to help you prepare for this time of year.

    • Children may not always see an oncoming vehicledue to other distractions.  Be prepared when you sight a stopped school bus that a child may be crossing in front of the bus.
    • Motorists in either direction, on an undivided roadway, are required to come to a completestop when a school bus has its red lights on.  Be aware of your surroundings and pay special attention when approaching a bus coming to a stop.
    • State laws vary regarding stopped school busses on a divided highway.  However, all motorists traveling behind the school bus, in the same direction, are required to stop.  When traveling in the opposite direction on a divided highway, motorists should scan their surroundings; to be sure that no children are crossing.
    • Adhere to all posted speed limits in an around school zonesand be aware that at anytime a child could veer into your path.  Never assume anything.
    • Many school-aged children are within walking distance of their school and are not bussed.  These children walk to school.  Be aware that there could be some children walking on sidewalks where there is no crosswalk advocates assisting them on their journey.
    • Follow the rules of a crosswalk safety monitor when in a school zone.  The monitor is there to ensure the safety of the school-aged child.  In addition, you can help to ensure their safety by paying closeattention to the crosswalk monitor.
    • Finally, give yourself more time when heading to your destination.  Those precious months of the summer are gone and the school bells are ringing.  Be prepared, be aware and be mindful that school is back in session.  A little more time to make your journey will go a long way.

    Adhering to the rules of the road, allowing more time for your journey and following the above suggestions, will help keep your children safe and sound as they head back to school. Drive Safely!!

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